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Monochrome Photoart is a joint venture of us two photographers: Victoria Knobloch and Jagdev Singh.

Art in its natural form provides a medium to make the reasoning mind silent and delve deep into the realms of child like innocence. The innocence which we have in sheer abundance as a child and we distance ourselves as we gain knowledge. Art thus gives us a medium to lead us into this natural state of silence and innocence we all are longing for. The state which is sheer joy and beyond comprehension, simply said a feeling so personal and rich, only to be relished!

Our work highlights the essence of human existence with the same loving eyes yet individually different. The pictures embrace the fields of vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike. Yet the human element is the continuous thread and we both are most fascinated by the little worlds of the ordinary people. There we are searching for moments of authenticity, where people do not feel observed and therefore are themselves - then they are most natural and beautiful.

Our photographs are touching encounters, always close to the people portrayed. Every picture is a testimony to a spontaneous interaction frozen as a moment, never ever to repeat itself in time. Furthermore our goal is to refer to what is good in the world. Our photographs are like an argument there. The images motivate and show the dignity, strength and enormous positive potential of mankind. They draw the attention to the beauty, the living force, the peaceful and respectful side of life. Through contemplation on our work one can feel the creative power within oneself.

Victoria Knobloch (*1981)

Victoria Knobloch is a German photographer who concentrates on black-and-white portrait art and documentary work. Her favorite subjects are the character portrait, street photography as well as documentaries with social impact.

She has a sharp eye and a noble sense and is attracted by capturing the essence of people's struggles, delights and human emotions in their widest variety. She is also interested in portraying artists, scientists, actors, writers, directors, musicians and all other people that do express themselves by their profession. Victoria Knobloch works as a freelance photographer and invests a lot of time in personal projects. She gives workshops and photo lectures. She exhibited widely around Germany and India in solo and group shows and was finalist of the renowned "Henri Nannen Preis" for journalistic work in 2012.

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Jagdev Singh (*1973)

Jagdev Singh is a street photographer living in New Delhi, India. To him photography is a medium of creative expression. He loves to capture the moments and moods from people's daily life and especially concentrates on street-and travel photography.

His work untangles the complex appearance of life, revealing a fine sense for a moment to pause. He is driven by the magic of every moment and loves to capture them. His photos carry a refined essence of people and life at large.

He widely exhibitted in Habitat Center, New Delhi.

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